The Most Natural Way

Simply Natural Mago 5 years product development and 3 years in product testing to hundreds of test participants for Mago Hair Extension be ready for production. Born after all the long process of research, development, and testing, Mago Hair Extensions has became the most environment friendly and the most simple hair extension product that will bring a much higher customer satisfaction then other past hair extension systems.

source link We believe that the customer will love Mago Hair Extensions since it solves many of the problems from previous hair extension method, and bring a much more healthier customer experience which they have deserved. It would be also an appealing method to the hairdressers as well, because of its simplicity in the attachment and removal process. And the fact that Mago Hair Extensions uses absolutely no chemicals, benefits everyone, as well as our environment.

Mago introduction video 2015

Mago introduction video

Helsinki Hair & Beauty 2013

Mago technique video

How the Mago differs from other extension technigues

buy Lyrica medicine Simple attachment

Simple attachment Within just a month practice hairdressers will be fully able to attach 100 – 200 strands of Mage Hair Extensions in approximately 1 – 1,5 hours. Ei vaurioita

No damage to the hair

güncel forex haberleri The Mago Hair Extensions knots does not damage the customers hair in any way, since the knot just ties itself with the hair and it just loosens when you cut the knot. Luonnollinen tunne

Natural movement

source link Since the only thing that connects the customer’s hair with the extension is the knot, the extension moves freely with the existing hair. The movement of the hair is so natural and comfortable that the customer may forget that she has extensions on her hair.

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Strong knots When the hairdressers attach the Mago Hair Extensions correctly the extension will never fall off the customer before the hairdresser removes the extension. 3 years of testing on had proven its strength to endure water, shampoo, drier abd so on. Moreover, when washed, Mago Hair Extensions knot will actually shrink, making the knot even stronger.

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Easy to remove It is very easy to remove the Mago Hair Extensions from the customer. You only need a pair of scissors, no chemicals, no machines. All you need to do is cut the knot and the extension comes off. It will take hairdressers approximately 1 hour to remove 100 – 200 pieces of Mago Hair Extension.

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Feels light on the hair

Since Mago Hair Extensions is attached with a string, the extension is tied softly and lightly. Unlike the other extensions, there is no stress on the scalp caused by the pulling of the hair, and that bring a much lighter feel of the extension to the customers.


Allergies free

Since Mago Hair Extensions does not use any free to use Mago Hair Extensions to any customers they wish to service, without the risk of any chemical allergic reactions.


Enviromental friendly

Mago Hair Extensions does not use any chemicals when attached or removed. This benefits the customers, hairdressers, and our environment as well.