Competition rules

Simply Natural Photo Awards 2020

The Simply Natural Photo Awards begins on 8.10.2019!

The competition submissions have to be delivered to Veijo Kinnunen Oy at latest by 31.12.2019.

1. Organizer

Veijo Kinnunen Oy, Kartanonherrantie 2a, 02920 Espoo, Finland

2. The purpose of the contest

To display the feats of skill made using Simply Natural -hair extensions by the professionals of Northern Europe.

3. Schedule

The photo contest begins

Print-quality images must be submitted by

Preliminaries, jury scoring
7.1. – 10.1.2020

Preliminaries, public voting
13.1. – 26.1.2020

Finals on the Hair & Beauty Expo cruise
1.2. – 3.2.2020

(Three highest scoring submissions will be invited to the finals – the hairstylist and the model)

4. Prerequisites for participation

The Simply Natural Photo Awards -contest is available to everyone who uses Simply Natural -hair extensions in Estonia, Finland, Sweden and Norway. All participants including the models must be over the age of 18 years old.

Simply Natural educators or personnel of Simply Natural importers cannot enter the competition.

A hairstylist may participate with one digital image of each model that has Simply Natural -hair extensions. The hairstylist may participate with multiple models. The participant arranges the materials and services needed for the photo shoot; the Simply Natural -hair extension material, model, stylist, make-up artist, clothing and photographer.

The submissions must be made with Simply Natural Hair Extensions and fulfill at least one or more of the following requirements:

  • Pre-bond: minimum of 1 packet (25 strands)
  • Dual Weft: minimum of 1 packet (12 pairs)
  • Mago: minimum of 1 packet (25 strands)
  • Machine weft: minimum of 50 cm of weft

Upon request the participant must be able to show a receipt or proof of purchase for the extensions used in the submission.

The organizer reserves the right to disqualify any submissions that do not meet the rules of the competition.

5. Jury, preliminaries and the final

The jury consists of, The Editor-in-Chief of Pinni Magazine (speciality magazine for hair and beauty professionals),
a representative of Veijo Kinnunen Oy, the Operative Manager of the Simply Natural manufacturer and one external juror.
The preliminaries consists of two phases: jury scoring and public voting on Facebook.

The jury evaluates and scores all competition images between 7.1. – 10.1.2020.

All submissions will be posted on the Simply Natural Facebook page where the public may vote for their favorite. The public voting period will be 14 days from 13.1. to 26.1.2020.

Scoring in the preliminaries will be as follows:

Each jury member gives their score as follows:

  • Best picture: 3 points
  • 2nd picture: 2 points
  • 3rd picture: 1 point

Point allocation from the Facebook votes:

  • picture with the highest number of likes: 3 points
  • picture with the second highest number of likes: 2 points
  • picture with the third highest number of likes: 1 point

Public voting will be restricted to Estonia, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

At the end of the voting period, the points given by the jury and the points from the public Facebook voting will be added together for the final score of each submission.The hairstylists and the models of the three highest rated submissions will be invited to the final held at the Hair & Beauty 2020 cruise on 1.2. – 3.2.2020. We recommend all participants and their models to save the date in their calendars.

The model in the finals must be the same as in the picture submitted to the contest and the same result must be achieved in the Final.

The final consists of two phases: evaluation of the submitted digital image and the live work.

Evaluation criteria of the jury in the preliminaries and the final:

  • Preliminaries: technical aspects such as color, cut and finish. The overall evaluation of the submission: clothing, accessories etc.
  • Final: Does the live work resemble the the submission, technical aspects such as color, cut and finish. Overall evaluation: clothing, accessories etc.

If the jury votes result in a tie, the winner will be decided by the Editor-in-Chief of Pinni Magazine.

6. Prizes

The winner of the competition will be awarded with 1500 € (vat 0%) redeemable as Simply Natural -hair extensions from the winner’s importer of Simply Natural -hair extensions. The prize cannot be exchanged to cash and it must be used within 12 months from the date of reception. The competitor is responsible for all possible tax ramifications.

Veijo Kinnunen Oy will cover the ticket costs for the three finalists and their models for the Hair & Beauty Expo cruise. The ticket includes one cabin (a shared cabin for the model and the hairstylist) and access to the cruise program including e.g. the events and dinners. Other costs generated by the participants will not be covered by Veijo Kinnunen Oy. All participants and their models must have a valid travel document with them at the cruise.

7. Competition images

All pictures submitted to the competition must be previously unpublished elsewhere. The hairstylist who enters the contest must have all rights to the image that they submit.

Each participant is limited to one submission for each model. However, the contestant may participate with multiple models.

Submitting the competition pictures and their requirements:

  • The pictures must be in the international press standard: minimum size A4 (2480 x 3508 px)/300dpi – maximum size A3 (3508 x 3960 px)/300 dpi. File format: JPEG or TIFF
  • Before and after pictures from the front, back and sides must be included with the competition submission
  • Send the pictures by email as an attachment to: or as a link to a source from which they can be easily downloaded from such as DropBox, WeShare, OneDrive, etc.
  • Title the email ‘Simply Natural Photo Awards 2020’
  • Mailing a USB-stick:
  • Write on the envelope ‘Simply Natural Photo Awards 2020’

Send the following information with the contest submissions:

  • Name, address and phone number of the hairstylist/competitor
  • Name, address and phone number of the participant’s salon
  • Name of the model
  • Name of the photographer
  • Detailed information of the material used: technique, color, length and quantity.

The organizer reserves the rights to use the submitted images in the marketing of Simply Natural -hair extensions. If the submitted images are used, the name of the hairstylist and the photographer will be included.

All inquiries about the Simply Natural Photo Awards should be sent to: