Certified quality.

It is important that the hair extension material provided by your hairdresser is of high quality and ethically sustainable.

Sustainable development

The basic premise of sustainable development is the maintenance of biodiversity and ecosystem functionality, and the long-term adaptation of human economic and material activities to the sustainability of nature.

Simply Natural® products have been granted a Generalized Scheme of Preferences (GSP) by the European Union. This certificate can only be obtained by a company that can show that its products improve economic growth in developing countries. In particular, the GSP program aims to reduce poverty, promote sustainable development and good governance and combat corruption in developing countries. The successful program has achieved good results and has been continued several times.

The quality certificate

Producing high and consistent quality in the long run is more profitable than producing poor and uneven quality. High-quality processes are more efficient: less waste, fewer repairs, lower employee turnover thanks to improved job satisfaction – and less time to handle customer complaints. Thus, good quality management improves profitability.

Simply Natural® has been awarded the ISO 9001 – 2008 production quality certificate, so you can be sure that the quality of our material meets your needs and expectations.

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Last year since 2006

Balance Consulting have been rewarding Veijo Kinnunen Oy, a company that manufactures and markets Simply Natural® since 2006, each year with successful rating. In 2015, Veijo Kinnunen Oy was listed by Kauppalehti as long-term successor. Long-term successors are a group of companies that have grown and made good results for over 10 years. Listed companies are also financially sound.

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